“Blue Bear and Snow Toad:” Available and Garnering Reviews

Blank book cover vector template isolated on white background.In September, the story of  “Blue Bear and Snow Toad” was officially published in a beautiful, hardcover glossy children’s book, just in time for the holidays.

What a thrill to finally have it in hand!

In the midst of selling my home, however, I neglected to shout out to the world how thrilled I was to have this beloved story, conceived over a decade ago, sitting on my shelf and available from Amazon.

My wintery tale is garnering wonderful reviews from readers. Here are a few highlights.

“…It’s a wonderful way to take that end of day energy your toddler or young child may have and channel it into a meaningful bed time story…”   -Myers3203

“…whimsical illustrations capture their emotions as they endure the cold so they can experience the winter wonderland…”   -Bobbie Onas


“…a captivating story that the kids want to read over and over again…”   -Charles Winston III

“…gather the little ones, grab a warm throw, and snuggle together to read this treasure of a story!”   -Emmaree Josephson

It recently received its first professional review from Kirkus, the source for librarians!

“charming picture book”

“a delightful ode to the season”

“the rhymes scan beautifully”

“an excellent choice for lap readers at bedtime”


As to “debut writer,” probably because this book is the first one in their system. That’s my theory.

Kirkus review