I’m Dreaming Of…

Blue Bear and Snow Toad illustration

Blue Bear and Snow Toad illustrationWho says dreams don’t come true?

Over a decade ago, I wrote “Blue Bear and Snow Toad,” a short story about a young bear and toad who resist hibernating so they can experience the sights and sounds of winter. Like every child, they just want to stay up a bit longer, just in case they miss out on something exciting.

The story saw publication in a children’s literary magazine (Confetti Magazine), accompanied by illustrations from my dear friend, Judith Laning.  While thrilled to see it in print, the magazine had a small readership and magazines, of course, have short shelf lives.

Blue Bear and Snow Toad illustrationI tweaked the story over the years, dreaming of it becoming a children’s picture book. Now, that vision is on the verge of becoming reality. I’ve paired up with an illustrator who brings the words to life with his charming, playful art.

The artist brings a long list of publishing credits to the table, and you can see why. His illustrations are beautiful, and many make me laugh.