Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Sidekicks cover art

Why should the super heroes get all the glory?

Coming out from the shadows, Sidekicks! puts the spotlight on their counterpoints who buttress them with awesome moves, clever insights, technology know-how, and often a sense of humor.

I personally find them more relatable. Like, if I had a flying chance in Hell, I’d be the cheeky sidekick…since I don’t have any special powers (e.g., Superman and his ilk) or an infinite supply of cash to buy cool toys (e.g, Batman, Iron Man, et. al.). However, I can manage a costume.

Sidekicks! is coming out next month. You can bet your spandex I’ll provide heads up. The Table of Contents shows a promising line-up of tales, including one from yours truly:

Update: Sidekicks! is out, available at Amazon (paperback and Kindle ebook) and Barnes and Noble.


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